How To Play

Game Play

How many words can you make from the letters?

The letters on the board spell out a big word, can you get it on the first try?


Use the spray can to add 5 letters to the board in random places.

Use the paint brush to choose where you want a letter to be revealed.

Keep in Mind

If you have less than 11 tiles left on the board, things get harder.

You no longer have the spray can and a paint brush is now worth 200 diamonds.


Need to put the last word back in the empty tiles?

Use the Last Word icon to save time writing letters again.

Earn Extra

Get the word of the day during the game and get extra coins and extra points.

This word changes everyday.

Be Careful

Three wrong words and you may have to forfeit the game.

To continue after 3 wrong words you can use 400 diamonds or other items.

Don’t Worry

You will have two extra chances to continue without getting a wrong word.

If you get 5 wrong words you will be forced to forfeit the round. No points will be earned.