Test the App

Word Tourney is the ultimate word tournament where you fight for the crown. Let your words do the fighting and see if you can capture the crown.

You can download Word Tourney on your Android or IOS device using the instructions below.

IOS Install Instructions

On your Apple device, IOS users will be prompted to download TestFlight, Apple’s testing app. Once TestFlight is downloaded you will then have the option to install Word Tourney on your device.

You can begin the download of Word Tourney on IOS here.

Android Install Instructions

On your Android device, you can follow this link to download from the Google Play store.

Once downloaded, please test all features of the game… you can create a user with an email address, use Facebook or you can play anonymously.

Thanks for volunteering to test Word Tourney.

Some things to test:

  • Registering or Anonymous registration process
  • Passing levels
  • Each button on menu screen
  • Each button on game screen
  • Is it apparent on how to start game
  • Do the buttons make sense on all screens

If you want to create a new user because you’ve played all levels or you want to try the registration process again, please feel free to do so. Note that levels are given to users at random so the word order your previous user had won’t always be the same. 
Please provide all feedback, no matter how small using this form: https://wordtourney.com/sending-testing-feedback/.  Please feel free to be brutally honest.
Once you’ve played and are fairly used to the game please also fill out this form so we can get a better understanding of your experience: https://wordtourney.com/testing-experience/.  
Please note once all tests are done and the game is taken to Production all test data including users, scores and levels completed will be removed and you will need to re-register to play.